Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day Twelve Create

1) Today was a day of getting everything organized and what truly still needed to work on in my code. I made a google doc labeled Real create and made an outline for 2a)-2d) that needs to be finished by the end of class Friday. I looked over the code that I had so far and picked out what I knew that was an aberration and algorithm.

2) Today was a day of not programming the only I did was copy and paste a function into my news file that is almost finished.

3) There was no troubleshooting today because it was all about writing my written responses today.

4) 5 almost done

Monday, April 8, 2019

Day Eleven Create

1) So today I was a little late to class due to my guidance appointment. When I arrived in class I started working on the last elements that my code needs to finish the create task.

2) The coding I worked on is calling items from a list that represent the characteristics is of a particular pokemon the user is going to call on.

3) I am still having trouble with one of my functions calling the list

4) 4 almost there but not

Friday, April 5, 2019

Day Ten Create

1) Kept working on finishing the coding part so I can get started on my written part of the creative task.

2) For the coding process today I was able to get my menu options to call other functions that the user can call upon from their choices. The main coding was getting the list functions that I coding separately in another file that work and getting it to work by calling it fro another function.

3) So the trouble the other day that I got a good night rest from I looked at it again and the reason that the code was not working when I tried to run it was because I did not finish the code in the if/else statement. I made an outline of how I want the code to work and then commenting out the functions that are not made yet but the code was yelling at me because of the if part of the statement was not finished before the else statement finished.

4) 3

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Day Nine create

1)Today I created a new file to mess with my program around and start working on the user end and what I want them to achieve from the program.

2) They are giving an option to ask about the basic information about a particularly pokemon, they can go and register a pokemon they caught into the program. Which is what I started to code and was thinking about at the end when the program ends I want to show the user which pokemon they register into the Pokedex.

3) troubleshooting today was getting my program to work on the terminal but I have an error in my code saying something and I have no clue to fix but I ran out of time today and going to come back to it later

4) 3

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Day Eight Create

1) Today I executed code and working through troubleshooting.

2) when I was writing my code today I finished all the lists categories and started to temp my list so I can use the list later in the  and not ask for the user input again and just work with that one list and ask a question that will involve a counter asking how many Pokemon have you caught.

3) My troubleshooting is when I was temp the list because I was looking back at a code where my teacher used to teach a lesson with to demonstrate how to use you use the list later on. Somewhere in my mind, I thought I had to print out what I want when temp the list which made an error that I kept looking back and asking why it not working but rechecked separately the wording of her code which gave me that oooh moment and fixed my mistake by taking out the word print.

4) 3 I am slowly almost finished with all my requirements for college board and finished my code and end product but the score so low because of the written part and maybe the setback of wrapping the code up.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Day seven create

1) So today I was working on putting my pokemon information into their own list I kept separate was their Pokedex entry. I started to ask for menu options from the user to choose from with the list now

2) The code I wrote today was converted some of my if/else statements into their own list. Instead of asking for a condition I am storing all the separate information in one list that is associated with only one pokemon. In the list, the order is the pokemon type followed by Pokedex number, and then the egg group they are sorted in to round out the list for now. Then I worked on accessing the list I which I have to have written an if/else statement that can call on that one code and work with it much later

3) there was no trouble converting the if/else statements to their own individual list.

4) 2 because I feel like there is more to be done.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Day five Create

1) Today I was working on another part of my function and fixing up the way the information was stored.

2) While only a few lines of code were written it was starting to open the menu choices and then starting on my next part of the information where the user puts in keywords and it would follow to another function.

3) there was no problems calling on other code I was going for more of an appearance and messed around with my code and how it would look on the terminal screen.

4) 1.6

Day Twelve Create

1) Today was a day of getting everything organized and what truly still needed to work on in my code. I made a google doc labeled Real creat...