Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Quiz One Corrections

Evaluate:19 MOD 5?
 I keep answering 3.8 because I am just generally confused and it looks different from the others. I now remember that is looking for the remainder of the number is was asking for. So 5 goes in nineteen 3 times with four left over.

What Is missing from the code?
From the code, I understand that nothing was happening in the loop but it would still be able to print which is why I said don't change anything. When retaking the quiz the option was not avabile so I chose the initial value of X. In the code there was already an initial value for X. So that was a question I read to fast and did not relook at before trying it in. So the right answer was "a statement to change the value of X while in the loop". Which is correct because every other answer was correct. Also looking back the code would run on forever because X won't change.

What is the highest decimal value a single byte of data can hold?(255)
  1. With this question, I keep thinking that a single byte is the first eight digits compared to the first four digits that represent 1,2,4, and 8. This question is just about me remembering the basic. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Breakthrough tech!!

     From the article I just read about 10 Breakthrough technologies is from my explore task in the summer I wrote about the 3D printer I know about the printers are now able to melt down some metals and make a prototype through the pinter. I also knew that they metals were slowly improving to become faster to melt down but also stronger when the metals have cooled off. The 3d printer has become cheaper over time and has made it way into hobbyist and designers. The Artificial embryos have me intrigued but also concerned. It is really interesting on how they can take stem cells and are able to form an almost alive creature or the start of the process. For the Sensing city project, it just sounds weird to me. The one I found the most interesting was the genetic fortune telling. It like a report card on what could be wrong with you or predict what you could have in the future. It amazes me that already 1 million people have tried. I know the big companies of 23 and Me and also Ancestry offers their own kit of salvia sampling and figure out where you are from in the world and also what unique about your genotype.

For the ones, I found about interesting for society were artificial embryos, genetic fortune telling, sensing city, AI for everybody, and Babel fish Earbuds. While they are more from the article these are the one that jumped out to me for society because they affect in a pro or con. Either it can connect you to your lost ancestry or the human race may never have to reproduce expect to hand over stem cells. Also trying to fix the environment or trying to figure out human behavior throughout an urban area. The earbuds can break through language barriers. All of these inventions depend on human decisions. While it can connect the world together it is truly up to us to take that leap. When it comes down to the economy it takes a lot of money to start up the process. With each invention, it about playing the long gaming or perfecting your invention but also it has to sell and earn interest back either for the purpose of the invention or project. For the culture aspect, the Babel Fish Earbuds, as stated before, would break language barriers but also may disturb the culture part. While you may be able to understand the language in your native language it also part of their culture to speak it.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The internet is for everyone

The internet is for everyone was a concept from the mind of Vint Cerf as a plea to the people who write and define standards to make sure the engineering it available to everybody around the world.

  1. It would be everywhere- While the first one of being affordability I believe that it more possible to make a system of where everybody in the world has access to a computer. In my school, they have computer labs. They have also started out with each kid had an Ipad but made the switch to each student have a computer thought out their schooling years. From my personal experience with a computer in school in the elementary levels, they have a cart of Ipads that are rented out for each classroom when they wanted to be used. When I got the middle school level they school gave a MacBook Air for each student throughout the year. At the end of out the 8th-grade year, they offered are computer up to sale for us to buy for the high school. If we decided not to buy our computer they offered the 8th graders computer up to the high school's students if they needed one. When I moved to Cap Cod Ma they offered chrome books to their students at Sandwich High school. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Field trip!

      At the Chatham Maronci Maritime center, the station that stuck out to me was the enigma machine and the simulator that went along with them. I also enjoyed walking around the wireless station and learning about how the technology evolved. While it was nice to hear from someone who made a career in data science. I was bored but my reason behind it was I had no questions that needed to be answered. It was a nice presentation and learned about what you go do in the field. I am not going to lie but I almost fell asleep on station one which was the movie station. The movies were interesting to watch but I know from my learning habits. I enjoy to do hand on activity. Which is why I enjoyed the Enigma machine. When building one with all the telephones I enjoyed looking inside the machines when it taking apart. For the presentation, I enjoyed that I go to see another perspective about a field that is in computer science. Back to my original thought I just knew nothing about data science to ask questions and felt a little confused about what it is. I would have enjoyed it more if someone else int he computer science field came in talked as well.

Monday, October 1, 2018


In this lab, we were set on our own and made our code to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. the biggest problem in this lab was getting used to working in CS50 after not using it for a while. For the code, I knew what needed to be done but has trouble remembering the small details. Such as (%.1f\n), I went back into my calculator project and then remembered to add it in. Also in this lesson, we used the CHECK 50 and STYLE 50. Not going to lie I did forget my password to it took a while to make the CHECK 50 work. Once I got my password down the code ran smoothly and passed. Then the STYLE 50 gave looking good. While the CHECK 50 gave me all smiley faces.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hello, World

Alright learning to code in CS50 was a little bit of a learning curve from my previous experience in Code HS. The first major difference was there a terminal and a window. In the terminal is where the code is going to work. In the window is where your code is going to go. Once I figured out the difference the next learning curve was trying to figure out how the terminal worked. Meaning what  I need to type in so my code would work. Looking back at my code trying to hello world in the code was not hard since some of my early experience has come from Code Hs. It was trying to make it work in the terminal screen. From my learning experience with the terminal here are some hints that will help me later on and that will become second nature in no time. First, you have to make sure you are in the right folder. To achieve this in the terminal type cd unit1 then press enter. repeat the same thing such as cd hello press enter. Once there you are in the file named hello. Once you put your code in the window it time to make it work. The first step is always to make the actual file. To get your second file you would need to type make what the file name is. Since we are doing hello the example is for hello:  make hello.  Once done your last step is to make the code work. To make any code work it's ./the file name. Example for hello is./hello. The period after hello is not included in the code it just a period to end the sentence. Once I practiced a little more in the terminal coding is CS50 was slowing becoming second nature.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Computer Innovations

The computer innovation that has the most impact on my life was the Nintendo Gameboy Advanced. While it may seem out of date now, it helped me throughout my childhood. While my parents always sent my outside to be entrained, it was my first piece of technology. When I got upset or my emotions were out of wack I would often be sent to my room the Gameboy in hand to play Rugrats The Great Castle Escape. The positives of the device were that on long car rides I was quiet and entrained. When the adults wanted to talk, they just sent me in the other room knowing I was just going to be sitting their quiet. The negatives were that while you may have the device but not many games. Most of my games were hand me downs but it was rare for my parents to spend the money on them. Another positive would be since it advanced it was given a charger cord. Compared to the other console before it, you would have to change the batteries. Which was another expense on top of the games.

When I asked my mother the same question she gave the answer of Email. While phones were around there was no texting only calling. The reasons she said it impacted her life was through personal and work experience. During work hours, the ability of speed to send information and receive. Also, you were now able to transfer document instead of printing them out. She also said it was much more eco-friendly. Since most documents she printed were at least two pages long and if she needed to send them to multi people it added up. Through her personal life when my older sibling went off to college. It helped her to communicate with them. It has the same effect as a letter but much easier to put thoughts down and faster to reach them right away.

While my mom has been on this earth much longer than me. Our innovations impacted us differently. Mine was to keep me quiet but entrained but also helped me cope with my emotions before I found myself in an argument. My mother answer helped keep in touch with the people around her. The biggest thing that both did for us was comfort. It helped my mom ease her mind and me knowing I had something to help to keep my emotions intact.

Quiz One Corrections

Evaluate:19 MOD 5?  I keep answering 3.8 because I am just generally confused and it looks different from the others. I now remember that i...